New dietary discoveries about diet are coming to the fore. A new, which is gaining ground, based on abstaining from food for 14-16 hours and ensures burning fat.
To weaken one quickly -doing somehow was revolution in the field of dietetics years ago, and raising similar objections. Now, this fast diet is no longer taboo. Acquired scientific background, since recent studies show that this method not only helps to lose kilos, but also can delay aging and increase fat burning. The diet program that you recommend not need calorimeter. Following it for two weeks you guarantee you will lose at least three pounds and get rid of fat.
According to the program, simply restrict your diet to 8 hours from 24, leaving 16 where you do a kind of "fasting" (complete abstinence from food). What do you do for 2 days and the 3rd eat anytime. For two days, however, you work on organizing your own working hours. For example, you can eat from 11.00 until 19:00 or from 08.00 until 16.00.
As highlighted by the same, "the method briefly named 16: 8 (ie 16 hours did not eat and eat only within eight hours) increases only the space between the latter and the first meal of the day. Even after 16 hours without eating the body starts to activate the fat burning mechanism. " http://www.nolimitly.com
The "fast" is not the usual dietary advice. Usually it is said that we must take frequent small meals. "I know that skipping meals instead go to anything we say usually like that our metabolism stops working during the night and that we need to start with a breakfast. But this is not true, "says Amanda Hamilton. As the famous nutritionist, "fasting is better than the good old calorie restriction, but at the same time does not reduce muscle mass. "That's because hurls growth hormone, which causes the body to looking other fuel sources instead of attacking the muscles."

For food we have said many times and even when you want to lose weight should not neglect your body's supply of essential nutrients. And approaches to dietary matters anything else. On the one hand we have the traditional methods based on reducing the daily intake in or half. And on the other we have the "trendy" diets do not limit the total quantity but only certain foods. Examples are the Montignac system based on combinations of specific foods and diet Atkins (low carbohydrates). All this will give your body all the necessary antioxedotika needed and this is a very good start to burn fat. "The results of the broader research about the effect of antioxidants in fat cells indicate that inhibit fat accumulation in the cells" says the dietician. 5. Put the program in your meals. Can the work and the obligations to be pushing, but you can find a way to always get your meals at a certain time in the day. Start with a good breakfast, supplied with the necessary snacks at work and planned accurately lunch and your dinner. "The regular food intake (per three-hour) helps to control hunger and satiety, resulting in low consumption of foods rich in fat and sugar. One of the key factors that can cause problems in a person's health is inability to express emotion. The emotional freezing, is not only annoying, but also dangerous. Emotions are our motive power. If for some reason we decide to freeze, then immobilized and ourselves. Emotions are our fuel. As can move a car without gasoline, so other can operate without man feelings. What causes but usually this "blockage" of emotions? The emotional freeze probably has its roots in hypersensitivity. Everything starts when man often feels weak to withstand a great pain, an injustice or another unpleasant fact. Then defense mechanisms mobilized to slowly - Slowly may result in emotional freezing, ie anesthesia. http://www.ynedus.com/
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What foods will not fatten you NEVER
There are some foods out there that no matter how much you consume them, is not going to sabotage your diet and your silhouette. Rather, they will benefit you both in diet and health http://www.nolimitly.com/2015/10/fat-diminisher-review.html. The following list may not find food like chocolate and pasta with sauce, but you will certainly find delicious foods that promise not to spoil your plans for a slim figure, or leave you indifferent to the taste while will give you rich rewards. Peppers: 30 calories, one medium Perhaps the most fragrant and delicious vegetables, peppers, can fit everything from salads to sauces and pizzas, adding few calories, but rich aroma and flavor to your dishes. Besides, they are rich in vitamin C stimulating the defense of your organization, and hot peppers with capsaicin stimulates the metabolism, prevents the formation of fat. Kale: 33 calories per cup (chopped) Having created much hype around his name in recent years, kale featured in every list of healthy superfoods. According to experts, in fact, people who are making low intake of such vegetables, have more weight than others. The reason is that those who consume it, manage calorie add fiber in their diet and eventually consume less food other more thickeners. Brocoli: 31 calories per cup (chopped) Cruciferous vegetables are very high on the list of foods with few calories and broccoli in particular, are among the most beneficial. The deep green hue reveals that it is full of phytochemicals that fight cancer and besides is rich in fiber, which bring satiety soon make us feel fuller for a long time. Eat raw or steamed and get it in your meals as an accompaniment. Purple cabbage 22 calories per cup (chopped) According to experts, the shades of color in vegetables always offer some kind of anticancer benefits and as regards the purple, the benefits extend to heart health. Make sure to add you as often purple cabbage in your salad in order to make your meal more filling low calorie and tame your cravings later. Cauliflower: 27 calories per cup We know that the chances are cauliflower not located exactly between your favorite vegetables, time, however, the snack can be a very smart choice. If you can not eat raw excites you, you can add the taste with a little olive oil, it is sufficient to note that each teaspoon adds 45 calories. Another good option is to choose steamed and the scent of herbs and spices or a little lemon zest. If you are 18 years old, you have always been thin, but you want to create a sporty and muscular body - FitSeven help you start weight training. Subject to our advice you have every chance to gain 5 kg of muscle in the first months of the program. We will teach you an effective workout, will tell you how to eat properly, explain that it is necessary for muscle growth. At the end of the series "A Beginner's Guide" you will be advanced trainees who could easily see that most people are trained properly. As we mentioned in a special material to adolescents under 18 years old are not recommended exercises as a result of which the spine is vertical load: squats, bench press barbell standing or lifting barbell biceps. Performing heavy exercise can either stop the growth of adolescents and cause serious injury because the bones are not yet fully formed. Note that in some countries, visiting gyms teenagers under 18 years old are prohibited in principle.
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